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Do You Have An Internet Marketing Service?

Why You Need To Partner With Ultimate Index Raider

The Know How

Do you know how to effectively bring what your business has to offer to the public to the internet market? Do you know how to get the attention of the any of the 2.6 billion people online to go look at what you do? Do you know how to engage someone in an online environment in what you do?
Do you know how to drive traffic to look at your company and then have them catch your vision? 
That is what an internet marketer does. An internet marketer works on behalf of a business to bring to the world online market what they have to offer, to make it appear better than the competition and capture the attention of the streaming masses, engage their curiosity and then drive them to catch the vision of the company.


Do you know what skills it takes to accomplish an effective marketing campaign?
Do you know which or how many venues need to be utilized to drive your sales funnel?
Do you know how to keep up with the trends of the market to keep up to date and have the competetive
communications edge?
Would you know to use the tools were they available to you?
Would it be cost effective to try to have your staff learn how to do another job?

This is why you have a department that deals with marketing and why there are internet marketers rising in the business world to meet the needs of businesses joining the main stream of the online market. Internet marketing is a bit more involved than your conventional marketing methods.
An internet marketer studies the trends of communication in the online environment and adapts a marketing campaign towards the direction of the stream of information, much like fishing.


It takes a lot of attention to detail and extrapolating of data to gather the information necessary to construct a daily plan of action to run an internet marketing campaign tailored to the business of their client. After the
online image has been created of the business, the owner and/or affiliated co-workers, start to have their online presence built. This takes dedication to the individual communicating with the online community what they are doing, what business ventures are being pursued, how their business is interacting with others outside of themselves and that they are actively involved; an interactive online presence.
It takes attention to detail to ensure that the communication that is being sent out to either current prospective clients, or warm leads is accurately worded, proofread, aesthetically appealing and sent out on time to an effective number of emails, and then followed up on as many times as necessary...with out fail and without delay.


Do you have the 4 hours that it takes to create the online image of your business, assuming that you would know how to effectively go about that?  Do you have the 1-2 hours a day that it takes to blog, and then share your works on the top 20 social networks? Then are you going to remember to take the 30 minutes or so to do a follow up post on all 20 networks? Will you be sure to do another touch back for human interest?
All of this takes time and focus. Getting distracted and missing your internet marketing mark for the day could mean the loss of the attention of your market at a premium time, which means a decline in traffic and ultimately sales.
Do you have more than one person working in your business that needs to be represented and have online traffic feeding towards as well? That means 4 hours more for each person's profile to be created, then the blogging daily, the social network share, the follow up and the touch back?
This is why there are internet marketers to do that for you and to spend the necessary time to stay in touch with the internet community and the social media on your behalf.

The Up-Keep

Any business already has quite a lot of work that goes into running it, with overhead, employee/contractor pay outs, sales generating events, day to day operations, customer satisfaction and service, and more marketing can sometimes be kept on the back burner for a last resort when sales dip. This is sad but true and terribly counterproductive to the health and growth of a business. Your marketing should be an entity that is constantly working to drive your clients and customers towards you.
By having an internet marketing firm represent your business in the global community you are free to do more, like run your business and marketing in the warm community via merchandizing materials and even telecommunications. You have the peace of mind that someone else is doing the technical stuff and that every possible avenue of business generation is being explored and all markets possible are being saturated.
Someone else is maintaining a professional website, someone else created an app for your website and is maintaining updates, someone else is  keeping up with social media for you and keeping you plugged into the online community.


Anymore consumers are checking online before making purchasing choices. As we know a customer chooses who stays in business by who they spend their money with. Check this out

Cisco recently conducted a 3,600 person,   18-country survey of 18-30 year old   Generation Y College students and workers and IT professionals about their addiction to social media, which resulted in some fun facts:
* 9 out of 10 get dressed, brush their teeth, and check their smartphones as part of their morning routine. Of course, people generally have less time to react or share things, so this might not be the prime time to get
people to share that Facebook share contest.
* Out of those surveyed, 87% have a Facebook account, and one in ten always has Facebook up.
* More than a third use smartphones in the bathroom, and 75% of the surveyed use smartphones in bed. It seems like the only time you can’t reach people on social media is when they are asleep.  
Empathica recently surveyed 6,500 U.S. consumers on the use of social media to make shopping decisions, which made up for some rather interesting numbers:
* Out of the 6,500 surveyed, 55% liked a brand on Facebook
* 55% of the people compare prices on their mobile phones while in the store.
* 27% of people find reviews of the products they are interested in while shopping.

The Internet Black Hole

 Many companies and businesses believe that they can put together a website and they are good to go online. This just isn't so. Unfortunately I have found on my surfing of the internet many websites that do not function properly, or even more dreadful, do not come up when I search their business or even their company name. I go to Google and find nothing. I put in a website address and the wrong company name comes up. I go to navigate a site and the buttons don't work. Overall, the online experience is not as the business intended. I asked my website developer why this is and he told me that it has to do with the html coding being done incorrectly.
Another trend that I see is a Facebook page having very few likes, this is due to a lack of paid promotion, not having an app created, and not having connectivity with twitter and other social media sites.
The best laid intentions of having a business gain visibility online are never realized and in less than a year a business is just an incorrect listing on Google for a wrong address, if that.

The Solution

To get your online business exposure and to go from obscurity to visibility with an internet marketing firm. It is time that you work with someone who is dedicated to the success of your internet marketing campaign, who will take the time and attention to blog with trending key words once a day for your business and your employees/independent contractors, who will blast social media regularly for you, who will email your leads and clients, send follow up emails and help you grow your business! That is why Ultimate Index Raider exists.

Ultimate Index Raider

We know that when a need arises a service generally soon follows. "See a need, fill a need!" That is what I do. I assess a situation and formulate a solution and then I get like-minded people to brainstorm with me and we create a plan of action. This is how our business started based on a need for people to have assistance n navigating the uncertain waters of internet marketing for their business.
I spend a couple days a week in a local coffee shop and I kept coming in contact with people who want to have internet marketing done but don't have the time or know-how to accomplish what they need to in order to have a strong online presence for their business. There I was with all of these internet marketing tools, the understanding how to run a successful internet marketing campaign and a need to apply my Google ranking capability in a bigger way that would also serve a purpose. And there were people interested and needing what I do! I did not even know what to call myself and I had to do some research. This led me to discover how other internet marketing companies are operating, and how many have up-front affordable rates and services. My co-researcher and I were astounded with what some companies will charge and what some folks will pay to have their marketing done on the internet to have folks do what we do...$20,000 a month! Ouch!
We crunched numbers and came down to a really affordable way for people to have their marketing done for around that for a year, when you add a great website and app. We are literally 1/12 less expensive than our competition, and we only do what works. We have the advantage of extremely low overhead.
No, we do not have a website built as of yet. We are waiting to have enough customer reviews that we are able to share their experiences on our site and add value to their business. This approach creates a cyclical marketing effort.
Come check out our facebook page that just got launched to see that we do exist even though we are newer. Email us for questions about getting your internet marketing campaign started with us today!

And if you need a business to get into to promote click >HERE< and then you can be able to have us work with you if you are just starting out.
Amy Smith
President & CEO
Ultimate Index Raider, LLC

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