Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brainiac Fail...

Over thinking kills creativity!


You know how awesome that brain of yours is?
It is pretty nifty! It has more speed than a super computer. Can analyze data in the blink if an eye and solve
complex equasions in a mere matter of moments.

The connections of the brain have most recently been compared to the vast branching of the universe(click me to read) as described in the post that word hyperlinks to. The universe is brain shaped!!!
So, wouldn't it make sense that when you are sharing information that you are doing something to tickle the core processor of your audience's brain?!

Recent studies by physicists have been changing the way that we look at ourselves and our relation to the universe. Look at this picture!
This is our universe mapped out
This is neural mapping
Brain connectivity mapped out

 Now look at this!
There is similar connectivity!

 At this site you can see the correlation between a brain cell and the shape of the Universe.

And below you can see the shape of the Universe being similar to the brain

Isn't it amazing how similar our brain and the Universe are? Feel special!

What Makes You Get Excited?

You do share when you find something nifty, right?
I have a great networker friend on Facebook that I didn't understand at first because he is a creative techy and man, is he good at it! I wish that I was!
I love technology that gets my inner Geek stirring! I wish that I knew more about using technology to reach more people!
I watched the Google Glass videos and I keep showing them to people because I LOVE it! 
I recommend you check it out!

The Hubble telescope findings? I just get so excited when something new is discovered in our universe! I love the pictures of nebulas and galaxies! The awesome pictures of our sky without any light from earth getting into the way are just breathtaking!

The Butterfly Nebula

 This excites me and makes me curious about what all is out there that is bigger than me and it helps me to align with the Universe, remembering that all of the beauty that I see is just for me!

 The Point Being?

We are missing out on what people need to have communicated to them!
So why is this blog titled "Brainiac Fail"? Because I have discovered that many smart people who can be categorized as intellectuals tend to live inside their head and share only the "loud" thoughts that press to the surface of the mêlée in their minds.
What is their best option? I believe that writing provides a great medium for self-expression, to get all the kinked up thoughts straightened out and to let your thoughts run free!
Is every blog, or piece that you write going to be loved by many? 
Not always. 
Are people going to identify with what you are saying, Amy? 
Some will! 
As relational creatures we ARE designed with different ways to connect. 
I often get frustrated because I want to connect like other people do. My problem; I am not wired like that.
I am a writer...I can video blog, but it pushes me outside of my comfort zone and I need gobs of positive feedback to feel encouraged to do it again. "What? Why Amy?"
Because I don't see myself the way that other people do. I over think everything, scrutinize and then get concerned about judgment. I envy children. They can just be themselves and be real and they are true to themselves.

Creative Brainiac Win!

If I could live alone by expressing myself through creativity I would be painting, sketching, sewing, crafting together beads for necklaces, learning choreography for dance-after yoga, singing, writing...and have someone else cleaning my home And paying my bills, ha ha ha ha. The challenge that creative people have is that
1.) Creativity paying is not always certain.
2.) Without having support and encouragement (and $) many artists inner magicians wither away.
3.) Negativity is poison.
4.) Exposure to have a following and make $money.
I just have to admire those who have mastered overcoming obstacles! Who can't hear the negativity. Who's souls have good shielding to forge ahead!
I would encourage you masters of your art to mentor and apprentice those you see need it! Take the time & energy to sow into the lives of others and share yourself.
How does this apply to my everyday life?
Do you feel fulfilled? If you don't that means that you are not fulfilling your purpose!
So many of us sacrifice our dreams and desires to be responsible and take care of the needs of our family, myself including! 
I should really be taking an art is what my secret desire is. But I am a single mom who has been struggling to get sign ups and sales to pay my bills to keep from losing my life; apartment, vehicle, phone...etc;
My soul got crushed when my health crashed. I felt out of control and now I have been fighting my way to survive daily...and I haven't had what I need.

What is your struggle?

Do you need positive voices to drown out the negativity that is constantly surrounding you?
Are you gaming to numb the pain?
Are you partying to ignore how you feel?
Are you working to quiet the cry of your soul?
Are you dating to feel something that you don't?
I seriously recommend taking some time to spend with yourself...meditating on what brings you your greatest sense of calm, unlocks your inner you & inner child, initiates the dopamine process and outlets your sense of peace and unity with all of creation.

Go BE you and remember...
                                                       "The meaning of life is to find your gift
                                                            The purpose of life is to give it away"

                                                                            -Pablo Picasso

Amy J Smith
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