Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What if the new trend to go viral was to pay?

Minimum Wage Keeps People Just Over Broke & Reliant On The Government

We are so quick to get on the first wave of a new way to share info about new technology like  the iWatch or Google Glass, or big upsets in entertainment & the internet like with Megaupload, or CISPA & the internet, or with the next big social media thing like Rippln(you can ask me directly if you don't know)...because we are entertained by it.
Maybe we ought to unplug from being entertained and take a moment to think about what's really going on. If you have seen Fight Club you remember the line about going to work at jobs that people hate, to pay for things they don't need...severely paraphrased and lacking the colorful metaphors we have come to see as socially acceptable.
We need to wake up to a real fact;
The American people are divided, isolated by our need to be entertained. What are we needed to be distracted from? Are the people who have everything that they need so bored with their comfort that they have to be reminded of the sickness of humanity through telecasted programs?
Is it such a bore to have a comfortable home that people need to forget the rest of the population who often struggles to find or keep their shelter?
There are good people who lacked the support to achieve a different form of employment other than what would give them minimum wage. There are people with college degrees who cannot get better paying jobs in their field. Why? Mostly because few states have made the decision like Washington to choose to invest in their workforce through paying for relevant college education for the people who need it the most.
In states and counties that do no have workforce investment through education programs what is the result?

A severe upset in the balance of the economy. We have people who can make it if they have just not-enough income to qualify for state & government aid programs.
Our current government officials have the Robin Hood mentality.
I believe that we need to change the mentality of what Americans are willing to allow our minimum allowable wage to be paid to workers as take home pay. And that is just gross at $7.25 or $8.25 an hour, after taxes, social security & medicare it get smaller.
Why aren't we making it more profitable for people to have a job or two and work to make a lively hood that they can be independent on?
This is why people are going to network and internet marketing...those that can afford the investment in their future. But what about the person who cannot, who's learning processes are impaired by a disability and has a family still relying on them?
The person who has a neurological disorder?
The person who has a chemical imbalance?
A person with a chronic illness?
The caretaker?
The young single parent?
The grandparent who's a parent again?
Every human life has value and I believe that until people start realizing that the minimum wage will not go up. Because people who have the power to change the world look in the mirror every day and don't see their own power and strength. 

Be the change that you want to see, be the good that you want to see and be bold!

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