Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Internet Market Without Failing or Alienating Everyone You Know

Did you graduate from the University of Internet Marketing? IMU? The Community College of the Internet Professionals?

How To?

We all want to have passive, residual income and be seen as successes to those who know us and internet marketing can afford that…at least that is what we believe. After all, there are hundreds of people who have become successes by working online, they have the pictures of big houses, nice cars, amazing vacations spots, some have pictures of a lot of cash. Whatever the images may be the message is clear -they have what the majority of people want. And what is our knee-jerk reaction? To go after that person and try to do what they do to get what they have and what we want. Seems pretty simple. If someone appears to have success from knowledge of an industry that you are interested in you approach them. In conventional business there are internships and externships. In internet marketing it seems more like career Russian Roulet.
Without Failing
In my world, failure is not an option. I don’t have a fall back plan. I have success or nothing. I am known for my tenacity. When I want something I go after it and I don’t back down until I get it. I invest everything that I have, time that I don’t and sacrifice more than most to achieve the outcome that I want. When life knocks me down I get back up. Staying on the ground is never an option. Through abandonment, isolation, poverty, agony, infirmament (chronic illness), destruction, disappointment, abuse, neglect, exploitation, bereavement and inadequacy I have forged ahead. Some days my most triumphant statement is, “I am still here.” Adversity in my mind, is a gift. It grows you in ways that you never would have grown in other circumstances or with different experiences. I have made some of the most miraculous, if not often short-term, relationships in situations of adversity. My assessment therefore is that if you are comfortable your potential growth is not optimized. No, growing is not always comfortable, but it is necessary to become something more than you are.
“The only person that you need to better than is who you were yesterday.”
Today I am at more peace than I was yesterday. Tomorrow brings more adventure. An adventure isn’t an adventure unless you are at one point unsure of the outcome. Often times we are scared and uncertain during a great adventure and our ingenuity and faith in ourselves, and sometimes others is tried and proven. Our perspective often determines our outcome. Are you facing every day as an adventure or as a battle where you can lose?

Without Alienating Everyone You Know

People want to come along on an adventure, just watch the most recent Disney’s Peter Pan. Peter invites Wendy to come to Neverland and initially she refuses. It is only when Peter tells her about what adventures await them that she cannot say no and then asks to bring her brothers along. I giggle every time that I watch that part. I gain inspiration from cartoons and movies aimed at a younger crowd. I often forget that most people think about these things to even if they don’t always verbalize it in their day to day communications.
When you are talking about a product or service are you mentioning the “feel goods”?

“I saved so much out of the money that I had budgeted for shopping with Wake Up Now today that I got to take my kid(s) to see Thor.”
“I got locked out of my car again but this time I had MCA to be my instant boyfriend and save me! I saved 2 hours waiting and my groceries didn’t go bad. Yay!”
“EPX…man I hate you! I had to go buy jeans that were a size smaller last week and again with the shopping this week! The clerk was asking me what I was doing…Can’t go anywhere ;-)”

Is your internet marketing journey a fun one that others want to join?
Are you just flashing signs on the social media street corner at passers by who feel sorry for you?
Do the people that you seem to friend, follow and promote appear more as carnival matre` de’s and their methods and success are all smoke and mirrors?
Are you playing Follow The Leader over a digital cliff and everyone can see it but you?

What to do to get the how to?

Until there is a legitimate internet marketing college you need to educate yourself just like you are a student. Get some books, read about what you are doing. That is what you did in school and what students going into a field of work do. That is the secret that the successful people are not telling you about, or if they are telling you, are you listening?
Be the master of your own career and get on track without any distorted information and hearsay and go research some information that will get you what you need to know to be where you want and need to be.

I read books for my newsletter so that 1.) I am satisfying my need to learn 2.) I am setting an example and 3.) My readers who pay me to give them concentrated info, because they may not have the time to read books, get it quick and simple.
If that is your thing then go to my website and subscribe to my newsletter at http://www.workingwithamyathome.com or http://www.workingwithamyathome.webs.com
If you don’t want help, then don’t complain when you don’t get the results that you were set up to expect. We all make our own destiny and create our own fate.

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