Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Do You Do It? Online Marketing

"Where are you?"
"Can I Google You?"
"What do you do?"
"I work online..."
That is what I tell people. The first question that I found people asking me once I started was, "Do you make money doing that?" My reaction was initially was, "Yes, of course I do." Like, duh. Now I my inner sarcastic imp wants to start staying, "No, not a dime...I just sit at home and my bills pay themselves while I watch online streaming videos and play on Facebook, just like everyone else who's online..." 

Those of us who get into the online networking world do it to make money. Some folks are flashy and show all their cash (I don't keep cash on me, too paranoid, lol) other folks just post their positivity sharing their joy in their good attitudes and others are mysterious about their income because they don't want to draw attention to themselves(me), just what they do.

"How do you do it?"
I have tried to explain when I get the question, "How do you work online?" I just had the chance to show someone what I do and how I do it. It felt great! The first time I did that was with my best friend and she understood it. The second time was a friend and she got it. That was a good feeling! I told people over the phone and it makes sense but explaining is really something that is visually interactive. Today I had the best feedback from a stranger and yes, I had the colly wobbles in my tummy, but I know that the products and tools that I have are phenomenal and he is going to talk to people. 
Feedback for me is like fresh air. Oh man, do I need it! 
How did I first see what I use now? Via Skype screen share. That is being visual to max! I am highly considering hosting a web visual time myself! 
Woa, Amy now that is going to expose you to a lot of people and people...well, 'gulp' people are unpredictable. Yes, but what do we all want? A way to pay our bills, less stress, more freedom, more time to do what we want and to be happy! So if you are offering that chances are the majority of people that encounter you are going to agree. 
And believe me, most people can find at least one thing that they wish they could change about their job, or they realize that they just aren't going to achieve their dreams at an age that they can really enjoy it.

How do you?
I don't do nothing. Seriously. I research, I share, I write, I email, I video and I stay open to interactions with other and I work my businesses! How do I do that? I use great tools!
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Did you attend Internet Marketing and Network Marketing University, or U of IM, or the community college of the Internet? No.
Didn't you have teachers in school? Maybe it is time to admit that you don't know everything and get some instruction on how to go about your new career. There are schools for everything except internet marketing. Yes, you can take your chances on an academy or a system, but following some proven methods and procedures will save you time and money in your journey to making money online.

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