Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Give It To Me Straight & Don't Waste My Time (4/16/2013 Newsletter)

Making Money Online...And Keeping It? Can I Do That?

(Warning: Reading this letter may cause joy)

"Hey sis! I saw your video. Good job. How much seed money we talking about? Please just give it to me straight ...don't do the speel ;)" 

That was the response my sister had to reading my very first blog, seen here.
How did I feel? Excited, encouraged...and then a bit pressured, quite frankly. And challenged to doe something that will be effective, so I created a newsletter with fantastic content at https://workingwithamyathome.com

How big of a vote of confidence is it to have a family member interested in your new venture?! Whether you just sculpted your first clay pot, or wrote a blog, or put together your first scrap book page, having someone interested in something that came from you is a great feeling! It's like, "Yes, I do exist! I rock!"
Feedback, that is what it comes down to and I don't know about you, but I like good feedback. It makes me feel good, ads value to what I do and spurs me on to do even more.

How big is the pressure when you have to tell a family member what you are now doing for income...when it is unconventional? Yeah... You have to come from a place of strength and confidence because the people who know you really know you; the good, the bad, and what you are working on.

Unconventional income. That is what working online is. Why do people even do that?
Are you sitting down? In October of 2012 there were 2 billion people online. In March of 2013 there were 2.5 billion people online. That is 500 million people that came online in 6 months! Wow, huh?
I can't think of a better market to work in that I can touch 2.5 billion people, can you?

I go to work everyday knowing that as long as I put in a bit of effort for exposure that I am going to capture the attention of a huge market (because I have wicked awesome tools highlighted in my pilot blog first post)! There is no grain of doubt in my mind about how I operate my business and make my income.

How Do I Do It?

How do you do it? You connect with me and run with me at my site http://workingwithamyathome.com. I have a step by step process and no, I do not charge to teach. I get people started and help them go from zero to hero.
Simple steps to market;
1.) Social network placement, using what you have now to get your word out.
2.) Tools to communicate with leads and direct sign ups.
3.) Tools for creating and growing your sales funnel;
    *Lead generation
    *Traffic generation
    *Promotional tools
    *Tips & tricks of the trade.
    *Insider secrets from internet marketing veterans
    *How to work smarter not harder
4.) Consistent mentorship and up-to-date information on trends

It's not rocket science, it's internet marketing and you can do it too!

Your Author
I learned these things through trial and error. For more information and to start working with me at home the smart, productive and affordable way, please email me at workingathomewithamy@gmail.com, for my newsletter containing the latest information from vetted internet marketing sensations, successful, positive online presences and more!
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  1. You seem like a very professional, well focused individual. Looks like I should stick close by you.