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Can I Make Money Online Without Losing It?

How Does A Person Make Money Online In Internet Marketing Fast?
(Info free of charge, no blind faith purchases required, no hype, just the facts)

When you have tried as many online marketing, or internet marketing companies as I have one thing becomes evident-you always have to have money to get in, you do your best to discover how to market as cheaply as possible and then you hope for a profit. Why do we go online? Because it is a fantastic venue
for free market enterprise, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and unfortunately advantageous parties separating people from their money by emotional transference. Time to not believe the hype and go with the facts.

So, you want to get started online but you have NO $$$. You found a great product or service, you see the income opportunity...now what?

          "Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could..."


Step 1.) Get Your Seed Money (Free)

You need money to start so, here is an option.
Here is a great source for making money online without paying out, fiverr.com What service or product that you have that you can give to others for just $5.00? This fantastic website is a great way to start making the money that you need quickly either just for fun, for real bills, or for capital to invest. Profit is $5.00 every ad answered.

*Ask me about a really amazing way for a start up by emailing me below!!!

Step 2.) Find Something To Sell

Market research analysis is not everyone's "thing". One fact is that the highest yielding industries that consumers are into right now are health & weight loss, internet marketing, saving money; deals, advertising, communications, entertainment, search engine optimizing leverage.
*Be aware of overly saturated products that are burnt out for a good profit.

Here are some options for you to begin.
1.)    Health
As a person who suffers from a chronic health condition I am constantly looking for a solution. I listened to other women who overcome terrible health conditions and look beautiful after.
This is what I call my Secret Spa; tighten, tone & firm, glowing skin, scars and blemishes diminishing, food digesting and not becoming love handles, energy from green  super food powder...seriously the BEST option for beauty for women!
The buy in is $99 minimum, profit is double your distributor pricing for certain products, downline commission plus bonuses.
See my blog at http://totallywrappedwithamyitworks.blogspot.com

2.)   Weight Loss
EPX the top earner for the month of February in the online internet industry per mlmrankings.com industry, pays weekly & has a residual income. This is HOT right now for a lot of men and obese women who have a tough time beating the bulge and wanting something for it! This the paying fatburner! Your buy in can be as little as $45.90 to start, or more when you see the products. Also, they actually pay people to try and use
their products and lose weight, no joke. Profit is 40% of sales, downline commission, $500 for losing 50 pounds, residual, sign up bonus, plus matching bonus.
*Money back guarantee if you don't make $1,000 in the first 90 days.
(Team tools are valued over $1,000, rival $2,650 systems.)

3.)  Money Savers   
 *Saving money like the wealthy do. This is how you can use internet & network marketing to your advantage!  Saving money, getting tax breaks, and free vacations is not just for the wealthy anymore. This is economizing at its best! Time to break the cycle of not having money left after paying bills, not getting tax refunds and not saving money shopping!
Imagine getting paid to save money!
22% off your cell phone bill!
Discounts and coupons with top retailers like WalMart, BestBuy, and many, many more!
Et your personal budgeter HERE.
Profit is 33% for your first 3 sign ups.
then 50% for the following, downline commissions and bonus.
Read all about it in more detail at wakeupnowwithamyjsmith.blogspot.com

4.)  Industry Revolutionizer
Making sick money should not be HARD! Take the difficulty out of making money and get with a program that pays you to share it and pays GREAT!
If you have not heard of MCA then you are not making money!
Phenomenal source of income, easy & totally duplicable!
Simple as someone pays 2 months to get on and you get paid $80...yeah! There is a residual income option as well, of course it is an upgrade. Just come and get your >money< and rock that later!
This is the most viral form of internet marketing income and you need a piece of the action! Go get it!

3.)    Advertising

Advertising gets to be a sticky situation. The marketing platform is where you want to go once you can afford it.
You can go with a company to do this for you or you can follow some one who presents easy to follow and replicatable methods for you like in the newsletter http://workingwithamyathome.com


This is when a mentor comes in handy so that you don’t spend over 20% of your income on things that don’t pan out. A marketing navigator is best to obtain. I have a resources and a network of professionals that I communicate with. I also have my brain-stormers that I spend time with every week.
Fact: Most of the testimonies that you find about people making "$20,000 a month!" have spent $10,000 - $16,000 to keep their place in the market through their "proven system" that they purchased that you need too!

  4.) Internet Marketing; Search Engine Optimizing(SEO) Leverage

You need a proven, effective, inexpensive, uncomplicated platform that will allow you to get your information out there. The tool implements the strategy necessary to get traffic to you. Maybe you have seen these BIG successful online marketing companies & networks out there that promise that if you use their platform, their expensive tools, and listen to their success stories that you will have a return on the $$$$$ that you invest.
 The best internet marketing platform out there launched April 1st, no fooling and it will be available monthly for a small membership fee. LevelOne makes the other platforms that have been for “viral blogging” appear obsolete. It is easy to understand and doesn’t require any other affiliations or prior products to use. If you are a novice at starting to work online it provides educational materials with video tutorials about what you will be learning prior to purchase. Membership is $29.99 a month and tutorial info is available for newbies. http://www.levelonenetwork.com/exposureinfo/overview/
I got to see a video ranked #1 on Google from inception to visibility in 12 hours. If that doesn't get you excited as an online marketer, nothing will.
This platform allows for a hybrid of videos and blogs, and more. You may email me for more information.

5) Tools!!!

You need tools that will allow you to get get traffic to your products, services and programs!
1.) You need an auto responder. Working without one is painfully  s l o w...
2.) You need to be able to have solo ads created-promotional tools!!!
3.) A group mailer allow you to pick low-hanging fruit when you obtain warm leads.
4.) The X-factor in advertising & marketing that people with not tell you about...Basic & Steriod options

As I always say, "You are only as good as your tools."

You can also get someone else to manage your tools for you...as in an internet marketing firm like Ultimate Index Raider.

6.) Get Plugged In!

You need support. You are not meant to function alone! If "No man is an island" then an internet marketer without a peer support group and mentoring is a buoy in the ocean. Do not be that buoy! Get with other successful people who know how to internet market well. I started a group on Facebook called WorkingWithAmyAtHome Resources and I will have one soon on Google+, for now I am amyjosmith2009@gmail.com! Come join me and follow me! I will help you like I have helped others!

7.) Direction

Sometimes we just have to admit that we don't know everything and ask for help. A lot of groups on Facebook do their best to provide an environment for this. I created one that goes a step beyond and in it is a File that refers to my skeleton company.
Ultimate Index Raider LLC exists to do the digital "grunt work" for internet marketers. My associates and I provide a service to take over the difficult aspects of navigating the uncertain, time consuming and often confusing waters of advertising and internet marketing. Along with the viral network and auto responder programs, we have other programs that enable a person to create a strong online presence!
Ultimate Index Raider is filling a need with folks who want new lead capture pages, want their lead list mailing and auto-responders handled for them, who want someone else to blog for them and who might even need additional online marketing services. We are affordable at 1/12 of the price as our competitors.

I am not going to tell you how much money I have made, because that in my opinion is gouche. While statements about income potential sometimes motivate others, I don’t want to promote myself like that.
If there is nothing else that you have taken away from what I have shared, other than to stop and think before you take a blind leap of faith and put your financial security back into your control, please take the necessary steps to get yourself where you need to be.

Your Author
I learned these things and I want you to as well!
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Thank you for your time & consideration!
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